GAME MUSIC AWARDS 2016: Rovio wins Best Game Music with Nibblers


For the third time - and bigger than ever - the very best game music has been celebrated at the Game Music Awards in Oulu, Finland. 

Composer Salla Hakkola and the whole audio team at Rovio are proud winners of Best Game Music 2016 at the Game Music Awards, with the soundtrack for Nibblers. This awesome win tastes even better considering there was such exquisite talent nominated this year, namely big AAA and console titles such as Quantum Break, Alienation and Trine 3.

“The game Nibblers is full of colors, vivid and humorous characters and beautiful little details, with a character on an adventurous expedition. We wanted to create music that would be equally rich in colors, textures, impressions, excitement and humor without being heavy or too demanding, so as not to disturb the playing experience but instead, deepen the immersion and allure player to the world of the game,” says Salla Hakkola. “The highlight of the soundtrack is the title theme ‘Rising From the Sea’ - grand opening to the epic journey of these sympathetic little fish from the depths of the sea to the dry land - the powerful evolutionary vision behind this cute little match-three puzzle.”

The Nibblers soundtrack is composed for an ensemble of live instruments and recorded with top-class Finnish musicians. The soundtrack was composed around one core instrument, the cupola, which is played by Lauri Wuolio, Helsinki-based musician. The title theme “Rising from the Sea” also includes live-orchestral parts recorded in Budapest by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra.

The entire soundtrack is available on Spotify here

Music composed by Salla Hakkola
Lauri Wuolio - Cupola
Kirsi Ojala - Recorders, Flutes
Sami Kurppa - Clarinets
Kukka Lehto - Violin
Juho Kanervo - Cello 
Tuomo Huhdanpää - Percussion
Salla Hakkola - Harp
Henri Sorvali - Bass, Guitar

Produced by Henri Sorvali & Salla Hakkola
Recorded at Finnvox Studio
Sound engineer Mikko Oinonen

Budapest Scoring Orchestra, session organized by Dynamedion

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