Celebrate 25 Million Facebook likes with us in Angry Birds Friends!


Our Facebook page has passed 25 Million likes, so we're sayings thanks with a custom tournament in Angry Birds Friends and more!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we hit 25 Million likesonour Facebook page?Remember when we promised to hold a party?Well it took us a while, but here it is! And not just for one day, but the whole week...We've decided to hold a very special celebration, including a one-offAngry Birds Friends tournamentfor this week. After all, youcanplay the game on Facebook, so it makes sense to have the party there. Right?!Also, make sure to fire up Angry Birds Friends on your web browser to receive a free bundle of power-ups!In addition to this week's tournament there will also be prize giveaways on both our Facebook and Twitter pages, and maybe even a massive discount on our storeif you're eagle-eyed enough to find it. You'll just have to keep your eyes peeled and follow us closely this week!One last thing...See, even the piggies are celebrating! (Still!)

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