The Angry Birds Movie is OUT NOW in Finland and dozens more countries worldwide


For North America and China, good things come to those who wait (until May 20)

Incoming! The slingshots have been slung -- and this weekend the furious flock of The Angry Birds Movie are imminently and most definitely smashing into theaters across dozens of countries in Europe, South America, the Middle East and Africa. (Don’t worry, North America and China, next week on May 20 it’s your turn, followed by a few more countries a little later. Why? As every seasoned player of Angry Birds knows, it’s better to plan your attack in waves then try knocking over everything at once.)

We could tell you how thrilled we are, and how more than 800 people over the past four years have poured their heart, soul and feathers into making the film a stupendously special experience for longtime fans and bird-slinging newbies alike. We could also tell you how the critics have already been raving about the film. But really, don’t take anyone’s word for it -- very, very soon you can see for yourself!

And when you go the theater, don’t forget to bring your copy of Angry Birds Action! When the credits roll, turn your phone back on and pop open the game. Thanks to a little Movie Magic in the air, your device will automatically know you’ve been to see the film -- and unlock a whole new area of the game to explore as well as a supersecret Easter Egg ending to the movie. It’s really pretty easy, but watch the how-to video below if you want to make sure you’ve got the knack.

Then it’s lights, camera, destruction!

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