Angry Birds 360!


Whether in the movie theater, on your phone or out in the wild, BirdCodes are on the loose and the flock are flying high -- and bridging digital and physical entertainment like never before

You’ve seen The Angry Birds Movie, played Angry Birds Action! and felt the thrill of movie magic. Inspired and hungry for more mini-games and powerups, you’ve been out scanning BirdCodes left and right -- from McDonald’s packaging, your LEGO sets, your trusty PEZ dispenser, maybe even the H&M shirt right off your back. And maybe you’ve even been down to Madame Tussauds London lately for a truly cool new travelling exhibit. What’s it all add up to? 

Gamer and popular UK YouTuber Wizzite has made a video attempting to answer just that question, as he walks us through what it means these days to rock with the flock. Check out his engaging and very fun video below!

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