Angry Birds 2 … is 1!


The smashing sequel is celebrating its first BirdDay with a massive update, a two-week bonus event and the birdiest giveaway ever

They grow up so fast. It feels like only yesterday when Angry Birds 2 first hatched, rubbed its little eyes, squawked “hello, world,” and picked up a slingshot to rain down destruction on everything in sight. Aww.

But that was in fact July 30, 2015, and since then, the thundering sequel has been downloaded more than 100 million times, added no less than 680 levels, and sent untold numbers of egg-thieving swine to a crashing demise. As the game nears its first BirdDay (that’s like a birthday, but, uh, birdier) we’re celebrating for the next two weeks. Because why just celebrate a birthday when you can celebrate a couple whole birthweeks?

For starters, we’re giving away 200 plush toys of looping legend Silver – the newest member of the flock, who made her debut in Angry Birds 2 as a matter of fact. Head on over to the shiny new Angry Birds 2 Facebook page for details on how to participate.
We’ve also got: 

  • Hats! What’s a party without a party hat? Collect headgear to dress up your birds and level up your slingshot. You buy them with black pearls, which are earned by winning arena tournaments and daily challenges.
  • New chapters. Follow the pigs in hot pursuit to Hamberg and Oinklahoma for 80 whole new levels to blast through.
  • Behold, the Ring of Fire. Send your birds through a flaming hoop and make the pigs feel the burn!
  • New avatars. Unlock them and put your best face forward!
  • New daily quests. Earn more gems, every day!

 Check out the trailer below and grab that update, polish that slingshot, and let slip the birds of war!

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