Espoo, Finland

Welcome to Rovio! We are looking for an experienced and passionate Senior Game Designer to join our successful Puzzle Studio in Espoo, Finland. Our vision is to reinvent the puzzle category with games where time-to-fun is our North Star Metric, while deep, immersive meta-game and social gameplay turn them into hobbies lasting for years. You are able to create game concepts that combine casual approachability of puzzle games with depth and social dynamics of mid-core games. You are fluent in a number of casual and mid-core social-game systems and mechanics and from insights into our audience you are able to craft deep emotional experiences in games so that players think about them even when they are not playing. You share our passion to take the casual social gaming to next level by providing deeper gameplay experiences, and for that you want to understand human psychology and social dynamics to really tick players' intrinsic social motivations and needs. You'll fit in our flock if you want to: Share our vision of re-inventing casual puzzle games Create and lead the execution of game concepts that achieve both creative and commercial success in mobile F2P Continuously learn and keep improving with ambitious and likeminded gaming professionals You’ll need these skills: 7+ yrs commercial experience and proven success working on mobile F2P games, preferably both from operating a live game as well as developing a game from scratch Experience in creating strong game concepts and leading their execution Strong social game design skills, understanding the dynamics of competition and collaboration. Experience in creating and managing highly balanced game systems and economies Skills and passion to lead game vision, willingness to have an open mind and adapt and iterate designs, but also steer and make decisions when needed A genuine interest in F2P and mobile games, as well as the wider world of gaming Strong interest and belief in data-driven approach to support & validate intuition It would be lovely if you also have: Creative writing experience CCG/Strategy/RPG design experience If you feel you have what it takes to join our ambitious and exciting team, apply now! Interviewing starts as soon as we find interesting candidates. Looking forward to hearing from you!Read more

Welcome to Rovio! We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist, Team Manager, to join our Business Intelligence team in Espoo, Finland. You will join us to expand one of the most successful entertainment brands in the world and enable our thriving teams to create engaging experiences for millions of players using data science. Our players generate massive amounts of data (i.e. billions of data points per day). In Rovio, data sits at the heart of everything we do, as it enables us to enhance our game operations as well as lots of other cool stuff. We believe such huge data has value only if it is converted to actionable recommendations. Our Business Intelligence team empowers the game teams through insights derived from the data and develops relevant tools and models to support decision making. Your role: You will work closely with various teams such as User Acquisition, Advertising, and game teams. As a Senior Data Scientist, Team Manager, you will play a pivotal role in steering Rovio’s data science activities. You will foresee and plan the modelling projects for the games unit, and lead the implementation of cross-portfolio machine learning projects. At Rovio we create different types of games that reach to billions of players. This presents a big challenge for data science and an exciting opportunity for creating models with great impact for the Games unit and millions of players. We predict how players will play, retain and spend through time, which is fundamental to the gaming industry. You will apply state-of-the-art data science methods for creating automated decision-making systems for performance marketing activities in the magnitude of millions of euros monthly. Together with our data engineering team, you will prototype and develop scalable solutions that are used to make recommendations for large scale user acquisition and cross-promotion campaigns. In addition to marketing optimization, you will have the chance to work on any and all of the most interesting and high impact analytics challenges faced by Rovio. The main responsibilities are in the following three areas: Data Developing models and algorithms that increase the efficiency in decision making and drive higher ROI Designing automated solutions to improve ways of performance marketing and advertising using your statistics, machine learning, and programming skills Defining and spreading best analytics practices, methods and processes inside Rovio Tech Testing your ideas and work with data engineers to take your solutions to production Working with and guide other team members in data science projects that are of more technical nature Creating systematic ways for validating the quality of the models Leadership Providing leadership and support to a team of data scientists Coaching team members’ to improve their performance and help them advance in their career development Guiding stakeholders in understanding data science concepts (e.g., ML, AI, model selection), utilizing existing data, discovering opportunities and driving data-driven decision making You'll need: Expert knowledge in data science, machine learning, and statistics(e.g. bayesian modeling, gaussian processes, random forests, boosting trees, neural networks, AB testing) Experience in applying data science for the tasks of regression, classification, and forecasting Know-how to do feature engineering on time series Proven record of applying models from concept to production Programming skills in Python and/or R Ability to automate analytics processes using programming languages or modern data science tools Solid knowledge of databases and Big Data technologies (e.g. SQL, Spark, Presto) Interest in mobile games: Your gaming experience will help you to understand the data and business problems. Self-starter type of personality, ability and willingness to guide a team of experts with different backgrounds. Proactive, trusted advisor and driven by curiosity Ability to lead the work of others in the craft and provide constructive feedback 4+ years of relevant work experience Additionally, we'd love you to have: Prior work experience in performance marketing, advertising, or gaming industries Experience in working with a team of data scientists and leading/coaching peers What you get when you join us: Strong company with ambitious plans for the future: Rovio has long background in the mobile gaming industry and we have no plans to stop our growth. Awesome data-minded coworkers: We are a family-like community that is hands-on, collaborative and ambitious. We help each other grow professionally. Personal growth: We offer subscription to various learning platforms, as well as budget to buy books and conference tickets. Fun and international environment: You will hear lots of languages, jokes, and laughter in our workplace. Hackathons: We love to try new technologies and methods to build the next generation infrastructure. Competitive benefits such as a cell phone of our top models, a laptop you feel comfortable with, lunch and sport vouchers, breakfast, gaming area, sauna, and more. Don't keep us waiting - send your application already today! Remember to include a cover letter and CV.Read more

We are now looking for a Senior Animator to join our talented Character Lab in Rovio Espoo, Finland as part of the Delta team. This position is a fixed-term employment of up to 18 months. Rovio’s Delta team houses a diverse collection of specialist teams that work together in the complex environment of game development. These include Character Lab, Player Support, QA, Localisation, App Store Operations, User Research and Audio. Delta’s goal is to enable each of the game teams to concentrate on making games by providing services that give them all the tools and support they need to succeed. In Delta, you will work with pretty much every team and we constantly look for new ways of working and new ways that we can add value. It is an exciting, international team where you will be constantly challenged and never bored. Characters are key to the success of Rovio games and we need our animators to create strong personality and quirky humor as they bring these characters to life. As a Senior Animator in Character Lab you will develop and animate characters for Rovio’s games and products. You will also be expected to communicate your ideas to creative leads of the projects and the Character Lab team to improve work processes. Although the Character Lab is a central support team, you will be expected to play a big role in the development of the games in general. You will help craft its IP and story through concepts and storyboards, as well as creating various production quality art assets for the final product. You'll fit in if you want to: Lead and create character animation for various platforms with excellent visual storytelling Create animated assets, storyboards and animatics as needed to develop animations Work together with game teams creative supervisors and artists with animation, character concepting and character design Support producers in planning, scheduling and prioritizing animation related tasks We're looking for someone who has: Excellent knowledge of character acting, game animation and narrative character animation Good Maya and Spine skills, Fundamentals of Unity Understanding of in-game animation development and production process Collaborative, communicative and a team-player in a multidisciplinary environment 5 years of experience in animation or commercial game projects Fluent in English We’d love you to have some of these: Good drawing skills and overall visual design skills Can work in different styles to suit different projects Passion for games animation, animated series, movies and pop-culture Ability to contribute to processes, pipelines and character rigs What you get when you join us: Our team is hands-on, open, collaborative and ambitious You will get to work in a truly international environment Flexible work hours Competitive benefits: such as choice of current gen smartphone and home internet service paid, choice of laptop, lunch and sport vouchers, breakfast, gaming area, gym, sauna Please note that we don't have relocation assistance for this position. If you are interested, please send your application today, with the CV, cover letter, and a link to your demo reel. We look forward to hearing from you!Read more

Welcome to Rovio! Do you want a challenge? Do you want your work to reach 10’s of millions of gamers around the globe? Do you want to enable the growth of our games? Do you want to optimise our player’s ads experience? In this role, you will shape our ads and UA offering for our games solving complex problems and driving our business. In Q1 2019, to grow our business we spent over $23 Million on user acquisition, and our ads platform mediated over 15 ads sources delivering over 1 billion impressions per month. As a Lead/Senior Server Developer you will be responsible for concepting, building and maintaining our own services (including yield management, campaign management, native cross-promotion). You will participate in selecting and integrating partner services and tools (including Singular, AppNexus, Facebook, Unity Ads, Vungle, Google). We expect you to lead small development teams and bring with you strong technology skills ideally including machine learning experience. Games Technology works with data and analytics, machine learning, build and submission tools, cloud infrastructure for service and game servers, and their in-house gaming cloud services platform, Beacon, to bring Rovio’s games to life every day. With a multi-national team of talented professionals, Games Technology supports tens of millions of players, hosts some of the most cutting edge cloud services out there, serves thousands of requests per second from all corners of the globe, captures 4 Billion analytic events per day and over 1TB of data per day, and runs approximately 1300 instances on Amazon AWS. All of these services and tools enable successful live operations in Rovio’s games, allowing game teams to optimize player engagement and monetization. Your responsibilities: Develop and maintain our Ads and UA product offering Research emerging solutions and technologies, for example, the use of machine learning for optimisation Work closely with and lead developers and engineers (client, front-end, server, data, cloud, QA), product managers, designers to implement versatile solutions Identify and resolve performance and scalability issues working closely with our ads operations team Work on other service areas as required (for example segmentation, payments, live ops) Launch, iterate and make a difference What we are looking for? 5+ years of recent Java development experience Background in Ads / UA service development Depth knowledge of relational databases, NoSQL databases and Big Data warehouses Practical experience working in Agile software development teams using Scrum or Kanban Excellent team working skills and leadership Excellent verbal and written English skills What you get when you join us: We give you the best support we can, helping you to grow and achieve your professional goals Our team is hands-on, open, collaborative and ambitious. We do have fun together! You will get to work in a truly international environment with more than 15 nationalities in the Technology team Competitive benefits such as lunch vouchers, breakfast, gym, sauna, gaming area and our various hobby clubs. When applying please tell us what you bring and how you will drive our ads and UA performance! Remember to include a cover letter and CV. We look forward to hearing from you!Read more

We are looking for an Experienced Level Designer for Rovio’s Puzzle Studio. Depending on your skillset and experience this may be a Staff or Senior role. Rovio’s Puzzle Studio is the established and passionate team behind the successful Angry Birds Match, Angry Birds Pop, and soaring Angry Birds Blast. In the studio we’re looking for the most talented and ambitious yet humble game development professionals on the planet to build the next big thing. We’re a flat organization where you’ll find openness, candid feedback and a shared ambition to succeed to be at the very core of our DNA as a studio. True to the Nordic culture we pride ourselves in real life/work balance and strongly support personal growth and hunger for learning. How do you succeed as a Level Designer in the Puzzle Studio? We believe strongly that content is king, and our level designers are a crucial piece of that puzzle. As a level designer you are responsible for crafting the definitive player touchpoint for our games. You will own the entirety of content design including delivering top-notch levels, concepting new gameplay elements and shaping level difficulty and progression all the while using data analysis to tune and perfect your work. What you’ll take under your wings: Design and deliver level content in all its forms across the entire product lifecycle for social puzzle games. Use data and player feedback to continuously hone and maintain existing level content. Take full ownership your work, and have responsibility for all design details along the way. Work closely with other team members by collaborating on multiple aspects of the development process to ensure the game’s success. We’d love it if you have these feathers in your cap: You have at least 4 years of experience designing game-changing puzzle experiences in such sub genres as match 3, bubble shooter, etc. You have a demonstrated track record of bringing impactful data driven changes to live products. You have the passion inside you to create the best content & player experiences the game industry has ever seen. You have strong level design skills as well as theoretical or practical knowledge of level design and core gameplay. You solve problems analytically, and use data to validate your intuition. Mechanics, rules, probabilities and aesthetics in level design are your specialty. You have the ability drive level design through each applicable stage of production: concept, wireframe, prototype, implementation, and refinement through to final sign-off. Reviewing games from player experience perspective and give constructive feedback to game teams to help to refine the best possible content experience is your passion. You are incredibly focused on top-quality and efficient content production. You have experience in F2P games both as a designer and a player, you follow closely what is happening in the market, and are able to distill the best ideas to your own work. We’re looking for team members who bring their own creative vision and passion into everything they do. If that describes you, this is a great opportunity to work in a fun and creative environment with skilled coworkers, contribute to a captivating new product, and expose your work to a global audience. What you get when you join us: We give you the best support we can, we help you grow and achieve your professional goals. We do have fun! We are a family-like community that is hands-on, open, collaborative and ambitious. You will get to work in truly international environment: you will hear a number of languages in our workplace and can join a variety of activities that we come up with together. Great opportunity to work with top talent in the gaming industry! Competitive benefits such as a cell phone of our top models, a laptop you feel comfortable with, lunch and sport vouchers, breakfast, gaming area, gym, sauna and more. Send your application over now - we look forward to hearing from you!Read more