Rovio Entertainment Corporation

Stock Exchange Release Oct 4, 2017, at 3.30 pm EET

Rovio Entertainment Corporation: 10 largest shareholders after the completion of the Initial Public Offering


The ten largest registered shareholders of the Rovio Entertainment Corporation (the "Company") and their shares of ownership after the completion of Initial Public Offering are shown in the table below (source Euroclear Finland Ltd, October 3, 2017).


Number of Shares

Percentage of Shares and Votes[1]

1. Trema International Holdings B.V.[2]


36.64 %

2. Keskinäinen työeläkevakuutusyhtiö Varma


2.70 %

3. Hed Niklas


2.56 %

  1. Silavano Investments S.à r.l[3]


1.87 %

  1. Vesterbacka Peter


1.87 %

  1. Keskinäinen työeläkevakuutusyhtiö Elo


1.54 %

  1.  Valtion Eläkerahasto


1.28 %

  1. Sijoiturahasto Aktia Capital


1.00 %

  1. SR Danske Invest Suomi Yhteisöosake


0.95 %

  1. Mandatum Henkivakuutusosakeyhtiö


0.71 %

Ten largest registered shareholders, in total


 51.12 %

Other Shareholders[4]


 48.88 %

In total


100.0 %


The ten largest registered shareholders of the Company and their shares of ownership before the Initial Public Offering are shown in the table below.


Number of Shares

Percentage of Shares and Votes[1]

1. Trema International Holdings B.V.



2. Atomico Invest II Limited



3. Silavano Investments S.à r.l



  1. Hed Niklas



  1. Vesterbacka Peter



  1. Felicis Ventures II, L.P.



  1. Hed Mikael



  1. Muotitila Oy



  1. Lehtinen Tuomo



  1. Virtanen Miika



Ten largest registered shareholders, in total



Other Shareholders



In total




Additional information

Rovio communications, tel. +358 40 485 8985,

Rauno Heinonen, SVP, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, tel. +358 40 861 9345,


Rovio in brief

Rovio is a games-first entertainment company that creates, develops and publishes mobile games and acts as a brand licensor in various entertainment and consumer product categories. The Company is best known for the global Angry Birds brand, which started from a popular mobile game in 2009. Today, the Company offers multiple mobile games, has produced The Angry Birds Movie, which opened number one in theatres in 50 countries, and licenses the Angry Birds brand to consumer products and other entertainment content. Rovio’s operations are divided into two business units, Games and Brand Licensing. The Games business unit accounted for 79 percent of Rovio’s revenue for the twelve months ended June 30, 2017.

The Company’s mobile games have a large user base. Rovio's games had been downloaded more than 3.7 billion times as of the end of June 2017, and they had on average 80 million monthly active users during the second quarter of 2017. The Angry Birds brand is one of the most recognized brands in the world with an average global brand awareness of 97 percent [5]. The Company is headquartered in Finland and has offices in Sweden, the United Kingdom, China and the United States.


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[1]The Company has a single series of shares, and each share entitles its holder to one vote in the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company.  

[2]The Company received on October 3, 2017 a notification in accordance with the Chapter 9, Section 10 of the Finnish Securities Market Act from Trema International Holdings B.V. ("Trema"), according to which Trema's direct holding of the shares and votes of the Company decreased to 36.64 percent and Trema's holding through financial instruments increased above the threshold of 5 percent on October 2, 2017. The change was due to a share lending agreement signed by Trema, Silavano Investments S.à.r.l ("Silavano") and Danske Bank A/S, Helsinki Branch ("Danske Bank") in connection with the Initial Public Offering of the Company on September 29, 2017 (the "Share Lending Agreement"), according to which Trema has on October 2, 2017 lent 4,638,000 existing shares in the Company to Danske Bank. The registered holdings of Trema, which amounts to 28,548,946 shares, does not include the lent shares.

[3]Silavano has according to the Share Lending Agreement on October 2, 2017 lent 900,000 existing shares in the Company to Danske Bank. The registered holdings of Trema, which amounts to 1,456,325 shares, does not include the lent shares.

[4]Out of other shareholders, 26,233,557 shares, representing 33.67 percent of shares and votes, are nominee registered.

[5] Based on a study commissioned by the Company including a 15-minute online survey (including screener). Total sample of 7,500 questionnaires collected from five countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, and Mexico during the period June 27, 2017 – July 14, 2017. Source: Lieberman Research Worldwide.