Peter Urbanics, Game Designer


One day Peter’s wife showed him a game called Angry Birds on Facebook. At the time Peter was working on his Half Life 2 MOD. However, he played it, researched Rovio and applied.

Peter Urbanics, Game Designer

The selection process of interviews and on site level design assignment took a few months but finally he received a call from Rovio HR and shortly after moved to Espoo, Finland with his wife and kids. “Once at Rovio, I first started learning Angry Birds level design from the original creators of the game and level design masters, but then after a few weeks Bad Piggies prototype team needed help with the game, going into production. This was the most fun ever!” recalls Peter. “Learning Unity, designing gadgets, creating levels that are easy to complete but hard to 3 star for a new game that went on to be played by many millions of dedicated fans.” Peter stayed with the project after it was released and was happy to get more responsibility, design tasks and just keep on making levels, utilizing crazy new gadgets and keep the fans happy with update after update.

In the summer of 2015 Peter joined the content creation team in Angry Birds Friends where his previous experience with various editors and level creation is helping to create more user friendly tools, better performing levels and as a result minimizing QA time. Peter’s focus is on improving the content creation workflow, concentrating on tournament theme concepting, documenting, level creation and supplying the developers with a prioritized list of ideas to improve the tools used. “We also listen to the community and analyze data from weekly tournaments to uncover why a particular level might perform better than others and collect those findings to improve our future level design”, Peter explains.

Peter describes his ordinary day at work by saying: “A typical day on the job for me now looks like a combination of content daily stand-up meeting (designers, artists and lead developer) where we quickly share what everybody completed the day before and will be working on, move some post-its on our task board to reflect that and bring up any possible blockers. Then working closely together with the other level designer on the project, Felipe, we continue refining the physics parameters of unique blocks for an upcoming tournament, discuss level ideas, build, review and tweak the levels until we're happy with them. With the content creation team we regularly have brainstorming meetings about upcoming tournament brands where we agree on some idea for the background scene, a set of branded blocks, score items, possible mechanics to spice up the gameplay with and document all this for later reference the artist will use to create the new blocks and background art.”

According to Peter it's great to work with a bunch of professional and extremely talented people: you can simply concentrate on doing your own work well and can be sure to receive anything you might need from others, in exceptional quality, on time. 

Peter also provided the secret formula to the coffee consumption of a game designer:

The coffee amount consumed in a game designer position = ( work Hours Per Day / 2 + Stress Level + 2 for alcohol compensation - 5 for health ) * 0.5 insanity level