• What are the minimum system requirements?

    OS: Microsoft Vista/Windows 7/ Mac OS X 10.6

    Browsers: IE9, Chrome 16+, Firefox 8+, Safari for Mac 5+

    Up to date video drivers.

    Minimum native resolution 800x600.

  • Why doesn't Angry Birds Chrome work on Internet Explorer 8, but other games do?

    Most of the other games on Chrome are using Flash. We are using new features in HTML5, so you need a recent browser for the game to work.

  • What does "Optimized for Chrome" mean?

    Angry Birds Chrome has been developed primarily for Chrome and utilizes all the cool technologies of  the Chrome browser. The address works in other major browsers too.  Although we put quite a bit of effort into offering a pleasant experience for users on other browsers, some issues are to be expected.

  • How do I unlock the Chrome Dimension levels?

    To unlock the Chrome Dimension levels, you first have to find and hit the hidden Chrome balls we have placed in other episodes!

  • What's the difference between SD/HD mode?

    SD mode resolution is designed to fit smaller screens and improve performance on older computers.

  • Can I use payment methods other than Google Wallet to buy the Mighty Eagle or the ad-free version?

    Google Wallet is the only payment method that is accepted in Angry Birds Chrome.

  • What is the Mighty Eagle, why should I buy it?

    The Mighty Eagle is a game build on top of the classic Angry Birds mechanics which additionally offers a way to progress past difficult levels. The core gameplay revolves around achieving total destruction and filling in the Mighty Eagle feather-meter.

  • Do I really have to wait for one hour to use the Mighty Eagle again? I thought it was unlimited use?

    The Mighty Eagle can be used as a means to pass a difficult level. After activating The Mighty Eagle, it becomes unavailable for use for one hour. Unlimited use refers to the core gameplay which revolves around achieving total destruction and filling in the Mighty Eagle feather-meter. The Mighty Eagle can be used an unlimited amount of times, but the one hour waiting time is there to maintain a level of difficulty in the game.

  • It's impossible to get 100% on some levels using just the Mighty Eagle! How do I get the feather?

    In order to maximize your score, it is recommended that you first fling all of your birds and then use the Mighty Eagle afterwards. It is almost impossible to get a 100% Total Destruction feather in most levels by using only the Mighty Eagle.

  • How does the zoom work in Angry Birds Chrome?

    There are two ways to zoom in and out of the gameplay area: mouse scrolling and up/down arrow keys

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