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  • Angry Birds crashed on my Mac! What can I do?

    The best thing you can do in cases like this is to send the crash log to along with a thorough description of the crash, including any error messages. This will enable us to investigate the problem further and help you accordingly.

    When the game crashes, you will receive a pop-up window detailing the crash. From the pop-up you can open up the crash report by clicking the "Report…" button. Please take a copy of the whole report and send us a message containing information on what you were doing when the game crashed and attach the crash log (preferably as a separate file).

Windows PC

  • I ordered and paid for the activation code but did not receive it. What should I do?

    Please note that it might take several minutes for the activation key to arrive in your email inbox. You should also check your spam folder, as sometimes the activation key can accidentally be directed there.

  • How do I update the PC version of the game?

    When an update for Angry Birds is available, you should be notified the next time you start the game. This is dependent on your computer also being connected to the internet. The notification will tell you that a new version of the game is available, and it will ask you if you wish to update your game. If you choose not to update your game there and then, you can always click on the download icon at a later time.

    If you'd like to make sure that you have the latest version of a game, you can always redownload the demo-version of the Angry Birds game that you have from

  • Can I use my activation key on more than one computer?

    An activation key can be used to activate the Angry Birds game that you purchased on a maximum of three Windows PCs.

  • I can only see about a quarter of the playing area on my screen. How do I fix this?

    Please try using the game in the windowed mode by pressing alt+enter. In case that doesn't help, you can try the following:

    1. Right click on the Angry Birds icon
    2. Select Properties
    3. Click Compatibility tab
    4. Check the box “disable display scaling on high DPI settings”

    Make sure to run the program in compatibility mode and in Administrative mode.

  • I get an error message saying: "OpenGL renderer not supported"?

    Angry Birds requires OpenGL 1.3 or later to run. Please try updating your graphics card's drivers to the latest available version from the manufacturer's website.
    If your drivers are up to date and you still get this error, you can use a program called OpenGL Extensions Viewer to see if your system supports OpenGL 1.3. You can download OpenGL Extensions Viewer here.

  • I'm sure I'm connected to the Internet, so why is the game saying that the registration has failed?

    Sorry to hear that Angry Birds is not activating. Below are some simple steps to follow which should help you unlock the game.

    1. Make sure you are using the right code in the right game.

    2. Check that you are entering the code in the right format. No spaces, enter code with CAPITAL letters and a dash (-) between every fourth character. If you're copy/pasting the code, make sure that you highlight the entire code before selecting copy. The correct activation code format is XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

    3. Make sure your Internet connection is on and the signal is strong while registering the activation code. Do you have a firewall or antivirus software? If you do, have you tried disabling them while you activate?

    4. You could also ensure that you have the latest version of the game installed by reinstalling the demo from

iOS (iPhone, IPod Touch, IPad)

  • Can I transfer my scores between iOS devices?

    Currently we have no tool to save progress and move it onto another iOS device. However, our friends at Angry Birds Nest have created a guide for manually transferring the save files from one iOS device to another. You can find it here!

  • All of my previously completed levels and scores are gone. What can be done?

    Angry Birds save files are lost if the game is removed or, in some rare cases, if something has gone wrong when updating the game.

  • Angry Birds' sounds do not work. What can I do?

    Check that your device’s sounds are on and that the game sounds have not been muted. Also update to the latest game version if there is an update available. If you still have this problem, restart your device and try again.
    Additionally, the side switch can be set to either mute sounds or lock rotation. It is possible that the sounds are muted with the mute switch, but the button itself is set to lock rotation. To restore sounds in this case, you will have to go to
    iOS settings - General
    and under "Use side switch to:"
    select  "Mute"
    Now just mute the sounds with the side switch, launch Angry Birds and unmute sounds. Afterwards you can change the side switch back to rotation lock.
    Some users have also reported that they got the sounds back by muting with the side switch, setting the game to mute, setting game sounds back on, and finally turning sounds back on with the side switch.
    Another option is to mute the device sounds with the side switch, shut down the device completely, turn it back on and then unmute.
  • How do I back up my Angry Birds progress on my iOS device?

    Our friends at Angry Birds' Nest have written a comprehensive tutorial for backing up your progress on various platforms. The guide also shows you how to move your progress from one device to another, as long as the two devices are running on a similar operating system.  You can read the complete guide here.

  • I have Angry Birds HD on my iPad, will it work on my iPhone/ iPod Touch?

    The HD versions of our games are optimized for iPad, and they are not transferable to iPhone or iPod Touch.

  • I have Angry Birds on my iPhone/ iPod Touch, will it work on my iPad?

    These versions of our games play best on iPod Touches and iPhones. They will work on iPads, however, the graphics may appear fuzzy when played on the whole of the iPad screen.

  • I'm in my country's App Store, but where's Angry Birds?

    We would love to make our games available in all countries, but unfortunately, certain App Stores don't have a "games" category due to local government classification requirements. We're aware that some other developers get around this by classifying their games as "entertainment", but this is something we have reluctantly chosen not to do.

  • My Angry Birds game keeps crashing/ has frozen/ will not load. What can I do?

    Please reboot your device by holding down sleep/wake and home buttons for over ten seconds, that usually fixes issues like this.


  • I'm having issues downloading Angry Birds from Google Play. Any advice?

    Please check out Google's help article, Troubleshooting Download Issues

    The link offers a comprehensive guide to downloading issues.

  • Angry Birds does not work on my Android device. What can be done?

    We have found that Angry Birds does not work on some Android devices. The most probable cause for a device not being able to run our games is low memory capacity and/ or graphics processing capabilities not being high enough. Unfortunately we cannot do much to fix this issue from our end. Our games are extremely demanding for devices, the graphics are complicated, and they use a lot of the device's graphics memory.

    You could try to enhance your chances of success by:

    a) having as much free space on your phone's memory as possible
    b) not multitasking (close all background applications when starting the game)
    c) updating your OS to the latest available version
    d) having a WiFi connection when updating or launching the application
    e) clearing Angry Birds' cache ( Settings > Applications > Manage Applications> Angry Birds > Clear Cache)
    f) restarting the phone every now and then to release some memory

  • How do I move/back up my progress on an Android device?

    Our friends at Angry Birds Nest have written a comprehensive tutorial for backing up your progress on Android devices. The guide also shows you how to move your progress from one device to another, as long as the two devices are running on a similar operating system.  You can read the complete guide here.
  • I can download the game but the installation is unsuccessful. What can be done?

    Check that the SD card is not mounted via USB. If it is, the game cannot be installed on the SD card. Alternatively, try installing the game on your phone memory instead of a memory / SD card. This can be done by first unmounting or removing the SD card, then installing the game, and then remounting or inserting the card back. Clearing Google Play’s "Cache" and "Data" (Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Google Play Store) has also been known to help. 

    If you are having the same problem when updating the game, try to find enough space to update the game on the phone memory. Additionally, make sure that you have a strong wireless connection.

  • I can't use some of the birds because of the ads - are you going to change the ad positions?

    If you hit an advertisement link accidentally when trying to activate a bird's special power, you're probably trying to tap on the bird itself. To activate special powers, you don't need to hit the birds, you can tap anywhere on the screen instead.

Windows Phone

  • Why won't Angry Birds work properly on my Windows Phone?

    Certain Windows Phones with lower hardware specifications may run into issues when running programs such as Angry Birds. These issues are mainly related to Windows Phone 'Tango' devices with 256 megabytes of RAM, like the Lumia 610.

    Please note that we are constantly developing updates for our games and as such, it may be possible that an update for these devices is released at some point.


  • Why can’t I update Angry Birds?

    You can try updating the game manually by archiving and unarchiving, or moving the app to Nook Cloud and then back to your device, depending on which Nook device you have.

    If you are using a NOOK Color or Nook Tablet, please follow these steps to archive and unarchive the game:

    1) Long Press on the app icon (even if it’s a grey box)

    2) Choose Archive

    3) Go to the Apps screen (from the quick nav)

    4) Tap the Archived button

    5) Tap Angry Birds

    6) Choose Unarchive

    To move the app to the NOOK Cloud, press and hold on the icon of the game in question, and choose "Move to NOOK Cloud" from the options that appear. After doing this, move the app back to your device from the NOOK Cloud. Please note that this process may cause game data such as scores and game progress to be lost.

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