Bad Piggies


  • What is Bad Piggies?

    Bad Piggies is a game where fans can finally get the pigs’ perspective! The Bad Piggies are after the eggs again -- but as usual, nothing is going according to plan. They need help creating the ultimate machine and steering safely to their destination. With your help, they can turn a few objects into the perfect transportation!

  • Why is the price different on different platforms?

    The pricing of the application on each platform depends on the development costs, the number of customers and the policies of each marketplace. We do our best to provide Bad Piggies on each device and market at an affordable price.

  • Can I get Bad Piggies Plush toys?

    The Bad Piggies are already available as plush toys and various other merchandise. You can get them at our Rovio Online Shop.


  • Are there any guides to playing the game?

    Yes! Within a level you can press on the Light Bulb. Then a book full of useful info will pop-up to help you play the game!

  • What are the objectives of the game?

    Different levels require different objectives to be met. For every level you can press on the icon in the top right hand corner which contains the Magnifying Glass and Stars. You will then see what you need to do on that particular level. 

    A list of objectives that the Bad Piggies may need to complete on a particular level is below:

    • get to the finish line
    • collect Star boxes
    • reach the finish line with the king still on-board
    • reach the finish line before the time limit runs out
    • reach the finish line with both the piggy and the egg still on-board
    • intact vehicle: nothing can fall off or get damaged during the level (including the piggy)
    • avoid using the indicated part
  • How does the star/scoring system work when completing the objectives in a level?

    Collecting stars in Bad Piggies differs greatly from Angry Birds games: once you finish an objective in a level and get a star, you keep that star. 

    Each level has three different objectives. You don’t need to accomplish all three objectives at the same time or with the same machine. You might build one super-fast machine to get to the finish line quickly, then tweak that design so that you avoid using a particular object, and then steer carefully to avoid breaking the machine.

    To collect all the stars you will need to think about what kind of a vehicle can reach which objective and apply your building and piloting skills to the fullest!

  • How do I start building my machine?

    Components are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Just drag the components onto the construction grid to build the machine. Alternatively, items can be highlighted and then the construction grid can be tapped to place the part on the tapped square if you have trouble dragging parts accurately.

  • How do I use my gadgets once I’m ready to roll?

    Once the play button is pressed, you will notice an array of buttons at the bottom of the screen that you can use to activate different components.

  • What do the different gadgets do?

    Soda bottles - After a second or two of shaking the bottle, the cap pops off and the expelled soda gives some thrust.

    Rockets - Work like the soda bottles, but are much more powerful.

    Engines - Link up to various gadgets in the vehicle the engine is on and provides power for them; multiple engines provide more power. Green is the weakest, the red V8 the strongest.

    Wings - With enough speed the vehicle will soar into the skies! Just remember to use the tail for steady flying. Increasing and decreasing speed can be used to control height (it’s the pigs and their contraptions, not the Green Baron).

    Bellows - Each use of the bellows gives a bit of thrust; can be used as many times as possible.

    Balloons - Provide lift and attach to any wooden or metal frames (and pigs) below them; the string can be tied over empty squares to the frames. If they touch anything, the balloons pop.

    Yellow umbrellas - Link to power sources (including the pig) and can be used to move your contraption.

    Grappling Hook – Shoots out a suction cup that allows you to attach to surfaces and fling the contraption around. While building your vehicle you can adjust the Grappling Hook’s alignment by tapping on it after you’ve attached it to the vehicle.

  • Should I be keeping the Bad Piggies away from the TNT?

    The pigs are not (badly) hurt by this TNT; they can actually use the explosions to get to hard-to-reach-areas.

  • How do I open the Blue Levels?

    To open the blue levels, you need to earn enough stars on that row; if the blue level requires 8 stars, the four levels before it must have a total of 8 stars for the blue level to unlock.

  • How do I open the Sandbox Levels?

    Level 12 opens the first and level 24 opens the second sandbox for the associated episode. The last sandbox is opened by collecting 10 skulls scattered around the island/levels. By completing levels after level 12 in both episodes you can earn more parts for the sandbox levels.

  • Why doesn’t the level fail?

    The levels in Bad Piggies differ from Angry Birds: levels cannot be failed, since the pigs are not there to be popped! If you get into a situation where the level cannot be completed any longer, you need to restart the level manually.

  • What do the different power-ups do?

    Super Glue - The piggies can use Super Glue to make the contraption’s parts stick together. It makes your rides almost indestructible!

    Magnet - The Magnet attracts desserts and helps in collecting them. Use this if you need more sustenance for your King Pig!

    Turbo Charge - Turbo Charge boosts the power of all the engines in your contraption and allows the piggies to speed through levels like a hurricane!

  • What does the Mechanic do?

    The Mechanic Pig builds a vehicle that can complete the level, but the gadgets, like soda bottles and umbrellas, still need to be used at the right times: practice and try using the gadgets in different places than in the attempts you have made before.

  • Do I have to do anything special in those levels where the King Pig is involved?

    The King Pig must be transported to the finish line in the vehicle: if he falls out or his weight causes a part of the vehicle to snap off, he will be too angry to get to the finish line himself.

  • Why are there desserts in the levels? What are they for?

    Collecting desserts and feeding them to the King Pig gives you free power-ups! You can replay levels to collect the desserts again and earn more power-ups.

  • What is the King Pig mode and how do I access it?

    You can access the King Pig mode by tapping the crown button in the level selection menu or after completing a level. Feeding the King Pig enough desserts gives you free power-ups! You’ll need to feed him several desserts to get one power-up, so make sure that you collect all the desserts you can find.

  • I changed my language to Japanese and the text is all weird. What can I do?

    The game needs to be restarted to correctly update the font; instead of Japanese the game will be in English though.

  • What does the Super Mechanic do?

    Super Mechanic Pig will build the ultimate vehicle for you if you get stuck on a level. The vehicle built gives you a three-star rating in the level you use it in. Remember that you’ll still need to control the contraption and its gadgets yourself!


  • I'm having issues downloading Bad Piggies from Google Play. Any advice?

    Please check out Google's help article, Troubleshooting Download Issues

    The link offers a comprehensive guide to downloading issues.

  • I can download the game but the installation is unsuccessful. What can be done?

    Check that the SD card is not mounted via USB. If it is, the game cannot be installed on the SD card. Alternatively, try installing the game on your phone memory instead of a memory / SD card. This can be done by first unmounting or removing the SD card, then installing the game, and then remounting or inserting the card back. Clearing Google Play’s "Cache" and "Data" (Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Market) has also been known to help.

    If you are having the same problem when updating the game, try to find enough space to update the game on the phone memory. Additionally, make sure that you have a strong wireless connection.

  • How do I clear my progress?

    The game needs to be uninstalled if you want progress cleared. On some Android devices the game files need to be found and deleted.

  • Can I sync my progress between devices?

    We’re working on it!

IOS (iPhone, IPod Touch, IPad)

  • My Bad Piggies game keeps crashing/ has frozen/ will not load. What can I do?

    Please reboot your device by holding down sleep/wake and home buttons for over ten seconds, that usually fixes issues like this.

  • I have Bad Piggies HD on my iPad, will it work on my iPhone/ iPod Touch?

    The HD versions of our games are optimized for iPad, and they are not transferable to iPhone or iPod Touch.

  • Are there Game Center leaderboards?

    There are no conventional scores and therefore no leaderboards for Bad Piggies.


  • I switched to fullscreen mode and I see graphical errors! What’s up with that?

    The game supports only the f-key shortcut or the main menu fullscreen button for switching between fullscreen and windowed mode; other methods may cause graphical issues.

  • Does Bad Piggies support touchpad gestures?

    The game does not support touchpad gestures.

Windows PC

  • I switched to fullscreen mode and I see graphical errors! What's up with that?

    The game supports only the f-key shortcut or the main menu fullscreen button for switching between fullscreen and windowed mode; other methods may cause graphical issues.

    If you started the game in fullscreen mode and the resolution is causing the screen to stretch, going into windowed and then fullscreen mode should fix the incorrect aspect ratio. Additionally, check if your monitor automatically chose the wrong aspect ratio.

  • Can I use my activation key on more than one computer?

    An activation key can be used to activate Bad Piggies on a maximum of three Windows PCs.

  • How do I update the PC version of Bad Piggies?

    When we release an update for Bad Piggies, you should be notified the next time you start the game. This is dependent on your computer also being connected to the internet. On your screen the notification will tell you that a new version of the game is available, and it will ask you if you wish to update your game. If you choose not to update your game there and then, you can always click on the download icon at a later time.

  • I'm sure I'm connected to the Internet, so why is the game saying that the registration has failed?

    Sorry to hear that Bad Piggies is not activating. Below are some simple steps to follow which should help you unlock Bad Piggies.

    1. Make sure you are using the right code in the right game.

    2. Check that you are entering the code in the right format. No spaces, no additional characters, enter the code with CAPITAL letters only. If you're copy pasting the code, make sure that you highlight the entire code before selecting copy. The correct activation code format is XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

    3. Make sure your Internet connection is on and the signal is strong while registering the activation code. Do you have a firewall or antivirus software? If you do, have you tried disabling them while you activate?

  • I ordered and paid for the activation code but did not receive it. What should I do?

    Please note that it might take several minutes for the activation key to arrive in your email inbox. You should also check your spam folder, as sometimes the activation key from Bad Piggies can accidentally be sent there. Please check your spam folder by signing into your webmail account.


  • Why can't I install Bad Piggies?

    Please try removing the SD card and then installing the game. Afterwards you can reinsert the SD card.

  • Why can’t I update Bad Piggies?

    You can try updating the game manually by archiving and unarchiving, or moving the app to Nook Cloud and then back to your device, depending on which Nook device you have.

    If you are using a NOOK Color or Nook Tablet, please follow these steps to archive and unarchive the game:

    1) Long Press on the app icon (even if it’s a grey box)

    2) Choose Archive

    3) Go to the Apps screen (from the quick nav)

    4) Tap the Archived button

    5) Tap Angry Birds

    6) Choose Unarchive

    To move the app to the NOOK Cloud, press and hold on the icon of the game in question, and choose "Move to NOOK Cloud" from the options that appear. After doing this, move the app back to your device from the NOOK Cloud. Please note that this process may cause game data such as scores and game progress to be lost.

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