Juice Cubes


  • What is Juice Cubes?

    Juice Cubes is an addicting tropical fruit-filled puzzler. Connect the cubes and make your way through more than 300 levels in an island paradise complete with pirates, mermaids, witches, and much more!

  • Is Juice Cubes available on my device?

    Juice Cubes is available for Android and iOS devices.


  • I get a message about my internet connection when I try to connect the game to Facebook. What do I do now?

    To connect Juice Cubes to your Facebook account, you must be logged into your Facebook account on your device, and you must allow the game to access your account. To do this, open Settings on your device, tap “Facebook,” and make sure you are logged into your Facebook account under this menu. Also, make sure that the switch next to Juice Cubes is in the “on” position under "Allow these apps to use your account." That should do it!


  • After doing an aspect ratio correction on my device the game is unplayable. What do I do now?

    Please note that the game should be played in the default aspect ratio only.

Juice Cubes on Facebook

  • I'm having issues playing Juice Cubes on Facebook using Internet Explorer. What's up with that?


    The engine behind the game, Unity Web Player, does not support Internet Explorer launched in Metro mode on Windows 8.

    In general, Juice Cubes runs better on Chrome or Firefox rather than Internet Explorer.

  • Why have I lost progress in Juice Cubes on Facebook?

    Please note that having the game open in more than one browser, or browser tab, will cause issues in the synchronization progress, and will often result in loss of progress. To avoid losing your game progress, Juice Cubes should only be open in one tab and one browser at a time.


  • How do I clear a level?

    Playing Juice Cubes is as easy as connecting three cubes of the same color. Deceptively simple, deviously difficult, absolutely addicting!

    Each level in Juice Cubes has an objective that the player must complete in order for the level to be cleared:

    Reach a target score: The player must connect cubes and reach a specified total score. Think fast! These levels will usually have a timer that will countdown in the bottom left of the screen. Reach the target score before time runs out to pass these levels.

    Clear all the sand: Connect cubes in all of the sandy squares to clear the sand and pass the level.

    Bring buckets to the bottom: Clear the cubes in these levels, and bring all buckets to the bottom of the screen to pass these levels. The number of buckets can be seen in the top right of the game screen.

  • What are special bombs?

    Any time you connect 4 or more of the same cube, you will create a powerful special bomb! The type of bomb that is created depends on the direction in which you end the connection.

    If you end up or down, an Up-Down Dynamite will be the result. This bomb will clear an entire column of cubes when connected with two cubes of the same color.

    If you end in a left or right motion, a Left-Right Dynamite will be created. This will clear an entire row of cubes when connected with two other cubes of the same color.

    Ending diagonally will result in a 3x3 Bomb that clears a 3x3 square surrounding the bomb when connected with two other cubes of the same color.

    Connecting 8 or more cubes of the same color will result in a Multi Color Bomb. Connect this bomb with two cubes of any color to clear the screen of all cubes of that color.

    Special bombs of any color can be combined with each other to create an even more devastating effect! Try experimenting with different combinations!

  • How does the heart system work?

    When you begin playing Juice Cubes, you will have 5 hearts. Each time a level is failed or ended without being cleared, one heart will be subtracted from your total. Don’t worry! Your hearts will recharge in time and you will be able to play again soon! You can refill your hearts by requesting them from Facebook friends, or in exchange for gold by tapping the + next to your heart meter in the top left corner of the level select screen.

  • Boosters? What are those?

    Boosters can be unlocked after completing a certain amount of levels. They can be used to gain an edge in those particularly tricky levels. To activate a booster, tap its icon at the top of the game screen.

    Fruit Slasher: Unlocks at level 15. Activate this booster to remove one fruit of your choice from the screen.

    Fruit Portal: Unlocks at level 32. This booster allows you to change the position of any two fruits.

    The last two are up to you! Advance to level 72 to unlock all four boosters!

  • How can I get more gold?

    Gold can be purchased by tapping the + next to your gold total in the top right corner of the level select screen.

  • Why should I connect to Facebook?

    Connect to Facebook to compete against your friends, and to get help with opening new levels and gaining more hearts. When connected to Facebook,  your game progress will also be saved to the cloud, allowing you to pick up where you left off on any device!

  • I accepted a map piece on my phone and it does not appear in my game on Facebook. What gives?

    Accepted map pieces are not synchronized between the mobile and Facebook versions of Juice Cubes until three map pieces are accepted and you are able to move to the next area. This means that if you accept two map pieces in the mobile version of Juice Cubes, they will not appear in the game on Facebook. Conversely, if you accept two map pieces from friends in the Facebook version of Juice Cubes, the map pieces will not appear in the mobile version of the game. Once three map pieces are accepted in either the mobile or Facebook version of Juice Cubes, you will be able to move on to the next area and your progress will be synchronized between the mobile and Facebook versions of the game.

    To avoid problems, be sure to accept all three of the required map pieces in the same version of the game.

  • I reached the required score, but I failed the level. What gives?

    Some levels, such as level 153, have time bombs in them that count down with every move you make. If they get to 0, they will explode, and you will fail the level. To successfully pass these levels, you must use all of your available moves without allowing any of the time bombs to reach 0.

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