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  • Will Angry Birds Go! be available for my device?

    The fastest birds (and pigs) on four wheels will be coming to Android, iOS, Blackberry 10, and Windows Phone 8 devices.

  • Where can I find more info about Angry Birds Go!?

    Race over to the official game page for more info about Angry Birds Go!!

    You can also find more about Angry Birds Go! and other Rovio games via:


    Rovio Blog:

  • How do I unlock new episodes, tracks, and characters?

    You can unlock new episodes by competing in the Champion Chase event. Defeat your opponent three times in the Champion Chase and they will also be added to your team of characters! To compete in the Champion Chase, tap the character icon in the center of the five events on any track, and then tap "Go!" in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • I’m trying to start a race, but my CC level isn’t high enough. What do I do now?

    You will have to upgrade your kart if you want to go head to head with stronger opponents. Every kart has a cc rating that represents how fast/powerful it is. You can see your kart’s current cc at the top of the screen after choosing an episode. Each time you upgrade your kart, the cc will increase. To upgrade your kart in exchange for coins, tap the green + button next to you current kart’s specs. Once your cc reaches the level required, put the pedal to the metal and head back to the Champion Chase to challenge your opponent again!

  • I am trying to complete a challenge that requires me to use a power-up. Where do I find the power-ups?

    Power-ups can be found at the top of the screen at the start of a race. You can choose which power-ups you want to use (King Sling, Kart Repair, or Boost) before pulling the slingshot back to start the race.

    The power-ups first become available after racing against Bomb for the first time in the Champion Chase. If you have already completed all of the events in the first track of Seedway, and you have recruited Stella onto your team, tap the white arrow to the right of the event icons to move to the next track where you can race against Bomb and unlock the power-ups. You can then go back and complete the power-up challenges from the first screen.


  • Are Angry Birds Go! Telepods compatible with my device?

    Telepods are compatible with a large selection of iOS and Android devices. You can find a list of supported devices at Telepods are currently not compatible with Windows Phone 8 devices.

  • How do I scan Telepods into my game?

    Telepods can be scanned from the title screen of Angry Birds Go! after completing a short tutorial. Just tap the Telepod “T” icon at the bottom center of this screen once you get there, and place the Telepod base on the front-facing camera on your device. Make sure that the Telepod figure is lined up correctly by fitting the tab on the Telepod base into the notch on the underside of the Telepod figure.

  • What benefits do I get from scanning Telepods into Angry Birds Go!?

    Scan Telepods into your game to instantly get behind the wheel of more advanced karts! You can get a head start on the competition and check out new episodes before you unlock them.

  • I scanned a Telepod into my game, but the kart is not showing up. What gives?

    Each episode has its own collection of karts that can be used there. When you scan a Telepod, the kart will become available immediately in its respective episode. After scanning a Telepod, the episode in which it can be used will be displayed on the left side of the screen along with the name of the kart.

  • Why can’t I use a character after scanning its Telepod?

    Although you can use a kart immediately after scanning a Telepod, you must still recruit the character into your team by defeating them three times in the Champion Chase event.

  • Why can I only do Versus races after scanning a Telepod?

    If you scan a Telepod of a kart that can be used in an episode you haven’t unlocked yet, you will only be able to participate in Versus races on that episode. However, the remaining events will become available after unlocking the episode through regular gameplay. Try competing in the Champion Chase to recruit new characters onto your team and unlock new episodes!

  • A kart that I scanned into the game has disappeared! Where did it go?

    After closing Angry birds Go!, karts that you have scanned into the game will not be available at first when you open the game again. However, the kart can be added back to the game by simply re-scanning its Telepod. This will also bring back any upgrades you have made to the kart.

Rovio Account

  • How do I create a Rovio Account in Angry Birds Go!?

    Creating an account is simple! Just tap the account icon at the bottom center of the Angry Birds Go! title screen, and then tap “Don’t have an account? Register now!”. You can then enter your information to create an account. After this, a verification email will be sent to the email address used to create the account. Just follow the link in the email to verify your account and you’re done!

    Alternatively you can visit and register for a Rovio Account there!

  • Why should I use a Rovio Account in Angry Birds Go!?

    Using a Rovio Account in Angry Bird Go! allows you to save your game progress to the cloud so you can pick up where you left off on another device. You also don’t have to worry about losing your game data due to device failure.

  • Why do I not see the Rovio Account icon on the title screen of Angry Birds Go!?

    Although we would like for Rovio Account to be available on all devices, we have noticed that some devices have trouble with this feature. The Rovio Account icon will not appear in Angry Birds Go! on devices on which Rovio Account is not available.

  • I have an iOS device and an Android device. Can I use the same Rovio Account on both?

    Although the same account can be used for both, there will be different saved game for each platform. Game progress will not transfer between the two saved games.

  • I just signed into my Rovio Account on a new device, and it asked me if I want to transfer my progress from the device to my account. Will this overwrite my game data in the cloud?

    No. The data on the device will be merged with the data in your account.

  • Will my purchases be saved to my Rovio Account?

    Yes! Purchases such as karts and gems will be saved to your Rovio Account, and can be accessed through any other device on the same platform with which you use your account.

  • I forgot my password. How can I get a new one?

    You can reset your password from within Angry Birds Go!. First, tap the account button at the bottom center of the game's title screen. Next, tap “Forgot your password?”, enter your email address, and tap “Send Request”. You will receive an email containing a link through which you can create a new password. Lastly, tap “Reset Password” and you’re done!

    You can also reset your password here:

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