Common questions

  • When will the next update be released on my device/ platform?

    News on updates will be announced on our website, newsletter and through our Facebook page and on Twitter. Generally, we will not publish any release dates before updates are ready and available. This is to make sure we don't give out release dates we cannot always guarantee we will hit.

  • Why is the price of the Angry Birds different on different platforms?

    The pricing of the application on each platform depends on the development costs, the number of customers and the policies of each marketplace. We do our best to provide Angry Birds on each device and market at an affordable price.

  • Will Angry Birds be made for any other platforms in the near future?

    It is our goal to get Angry Birds to all relevant devices out there. We are constantly looking into opportunities to bring Angry Birds to new platforms, but cannot give out release dates or future plans at this moment.

  • Does it cost anything to subscribe to the Angry Birds newsletter?

    No. Subscription to our newsletter is free of charge.

  • I subscribed to the newsletter but have not received it. When will the next newsletter be sent?

    The Angry Birds newsletter provides the latest news on Angry Birds games, books, comics and a lot more. The newsletter is sent out on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, but this may vary.

  • I have an idea for the Angry Birds games, what should I do?

    As happy as we are to hear about awesome new ideas from our fans and the wider public, please note that Rovio does not accept unsolicited gaming or other product ideas, concepts or other similar material (“Unsolicited Content”).

    However, should you provide Rovio with Unsolicited Content without prior written agreement, you agree that such Unsolicited Content becomes property of Rovio and Rovio does not have to compensate you for Unsolicited Content or keep Unsolicited Content confidential. Rovio is free to use, develop, commercialize, amend and assign all rights to Unsolicited Content.

    You can find our Unsolicited Content policy in full here.

  • I'm on a level which seems impossible! Any advice?

    We recommend visiting the Angry Birds' Nest for useful hints, tips and walkthroughs.

  • I think I was just charged an extra dollar for my purchase. Why is that?

    Online Shops and App Stores are required to occasionally place an authorization hold on your account for an extra dollar at the point of purchase. These occasions can be both random and can also occur when changes have been made to your billing information. This one dollar is passed through the system to verify that firstly, the account details are correct, and secondly that the account is active.

    Authorization holds are removed by your bank shortly after your purchase clears.

  • I have a problem with my Rovio game. What should I do?

    If you cannot find an answer to your question here in the FAQ, please contact our support team through the contact form here. Please provide as much information about the situation as possible: device model and/or version, device operating system version, which Rovio game and version you are referring to, and a detailed description of the issue.

  • Can I make a video review, a video walkthrough or a Let’s Play video of Rovio’s Games? Can I monetize it by including ads in YouTube or similar services?

    If you represent  gaming or other media, you can cite video material from our games to illustrate the review or other feature about Rovio’s games, and you are allowed to include advertising in your videos, provided that you don’t claim or infer that the advertising is endorsed or connected to Rovio Entertainment Ltd. or its partners.

    If you’re a content creator and would like to create and publish a review, walkthrough, Let’s Play video or other such content, great! You are definitely allowed to make videos like this, but first please take a look at the guidelines below:

    • You can use content by Rovio to illustrate your video walkthrough, Let’s Play etc., but you can’t just redistribute material as it is. We will continue to remove, for example, redistributed episodes of Angry Birds Toons.
    • Make only non-commercial use of our content, i.e. don’t sell or license the content you create to third parties. You can include ads in YouTube and similar services, but don’t claim or infer that the advertising is endorsed or connected to Rovio Entertainment Ltd. or its partners.
    • Do not copy or take any assets from our content and distribute them separately (like characters, voices, music, images).
    • Make your content free of charge to other people.
    • Do behave. Your videos should not include obscene, offensive, racist, defamatory, pornographic, homophobic etc. content - and we really mean it.
    • Respect the privacy of others.
    • Please remember that these guidelines apply only to content created or distributed by Rovio: if you use third party content, such as music from your favourite artist, you need a separate permission from them.

    We will be doing everything we can to ensure that content claims are not being made in error.  However we would strongly recommend following these guidelines to ensure that your video stays up! That said, we want to spend our days making awesome games and other content, not being the internet police, so the best advice we can give is to just use common sense!

    If you receive a claim on your content and you feel that it has been made in error, please dispute it. Remember to only dispute the claim if you are 100% sure that it is in error, since if the claim gets reinstated, it may have a negative impact on your channel.

  • I'm having a problem using my National Geographic Animal Showdown codes

    Currently, the codes for power ups in Angry Birds Rio work only on Android platforms.


  • Is there a Rovio Privacy Policy available?

    Yes. Please see the Rovio Privacy Policy.

  • Can't find an answer to your question?
    Ask us!

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