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Mighty Eagle now available in Angry Birds Rio!


Angry Birds Rio gets another great boost with the Mighty Eagle! The game's baddest bird is finally available for Angry Birds Rio for iOS!

Mighty Eagle is an in-app purchase and costs $.99/£.59/€.79 to buy. This is a one-time purchase.

You can use the Mighty Eagle to skip a level, unlock the next one, and advance in the game. However, there is a limitation: you can only skip one level per hour!

In levels that you have already passed with the regular birds, you can use the Mighty Eagle without limitations.

Why would you want to use the Mighty Eagle in levels you've already completed? Because Mighty Eagle brings new additional highscores and achievements!

Whenever you summon the Mighty Eagle, you get a special destruction gauge -- fill it up to 100% and you get an Eagle Feather achievement! All new gameplay, all new replay value!

Mighty Eagle makes a great game even better. Make sure to check out Angry Birds Rio for new characters based on the 20th Century Fox Movie, colorful new backgrounds, and nail-biting boss battles!

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