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Draft: Eagle Eye VR headset with Angry Birds Simulator!


Status: draft 1, needs to be cleared by ops, marketing
To be published: June 1st 2014 12:00 EEST

Get ready for Eagle Eye, the brand new virtual reality headset from Rovio! The headset comes bundled with the new Angry Birds Simulator, making it possible to sling-shot yourself over Piggy Island and cause destruction like never before! The crisp and clear full-HD display immerses you in the ongoing struggle between the heroic birds and those mischievous pigs.

Feature list here?:
Full-HD display
WiFi (game updates and browser)
Dolby virtual surround (v2)
“black box” flight recorder (records in HD MP4)
Battery life (standby TBD; gameplay TBD)
120 GB flash storage
FB & Twitter (ready at launch?)

<embed demo video>

Eagle Eye and Angry Birds Simulator will be available at (check availability by region from ops!) on July 1st this year!

**** Notes

Resolution 4096 × 2160

Brand guide (internal only): LINK

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