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Introducing NHL HockeyBird - the official mascot!


The National Hockey League – in partnership with Rovio Entertainment – proudly presents NHL HockeyBird as a true symbol of the energy, intensity and joy of the game! He’s here for a very specific job: he’ll start with an intensive NHL Stadium Series Tour!

He’s just over six-feet tall, comes in at 236 pounds (his feathers alone weigh 70 pounds!), likes to play hard and fair, and has a courageous never-give-up attitude – something they call “sisu” back where he’s from. NHL HockeyBird is an Angry Bird that said farewell to the flock, practiced his beak off and became a reliable right WINGer. He flung from Finland to North America for the NHL Mascot Draft, quickly became the #1 pick and now travels across the country to celebrate the great game of hockey!

NHL HockeyBird’s first face-off will be in and around the NHL Stadium Series venues and jumbo screens in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Vancouver. If you see the mascot, shout “Squawk”!  

Are you ready to ruffle some feathers? NHL HockeyBird will bring some exciting games to the stadiums. It’s up to all of you to see just how amped and how strong our fine-feathered friend is! NHL fans can interact with NHL HockeyBird on the stadium’s jumbo screens. Debuting at the NHL Stadium Series, there are two interactive crowd stadium games, Slingshot and Slapshot that use state-of-the-art voice activated technology to bring the excitement of the game to the big screen!

Using super scientific algorithms – that’s math you can’t do by counting your fingers, toes or bird claws – NHL HockeyBird performs based on the cheering and applause of the fans. The more noise you make, the more power he gathers. The more power he gathers, the better he performs! This is one sharpshooting bird that might merit all three stars of the game!

Want more of this big fella? Well, you got it! Watch out for all kinds of officially NHL/Rovio licensed NHL HockeyBird merchandise and videos. Start by watching the very first NHL HockeyBird trailer here!

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