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An explosive start for Angry Birds Go! - check out the REAL LIFE race video!


Wow! Angry Birds Go! really got an explosive start right out of the gate: the game hit the #1 spot in over 140 countries on the App Store and Google Play. This is certainly a great start - so thanks to each and every one of you!

When working on the game, we got this idea: what would an Angry Birds Go! race look in real life? Well, first you need a big enough hill. Finland is quite flat so we had to look around a bit. Eventually we landed on a location: Barcelona. And then, of course, you need racers. A group of people crazy enough to go down the hill faster than anyone else. Add slingshots to the mix and you’ve got yourself a race - Angry Birds style!

Check out what happened in the video below!

The game got a lot of attention both from the media and our fans:

“In the end, Angry Birds Go is an excellent kart racing title. Eye-pleasing visuals, great controls and a nice amount of content makes it more than worthy to bear the Angry Birds name. If quality kart racing is what you crave, then Angry Birds Go should help subside those hankerings.”

- Slide to Play

Again, thank you everybody and have an awesome holiday season!

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