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Get ready for the explosive conclusion to Angry Birds Star Wars!


Get ready for the exciting conclusion to Angry Birds Star Wars in the new update that’s out now! Take the battle to space with 15 levels featuring gravity fields, lasers, and a massive Imperial Super Star Destroyer! Fight through the Death Star and engage in the biggest ever multi-level boss fight against Darth Vader and the Emperor that builds up to the dramatic reveal: who’s behind Darth Vader’s mask?

All in all the final update of Angry Birds Star Wars will offer 30 new levels with plenty of action - go and download now and experience the thrilling finale to the epic Stars Wars saga! 

Now that the game reaches a conclusion on mobile, we’ll be closing down Angry Birds Star Wars on Facebook on March 3rd, 2014. If you’re interested in playing an Angry Birds tournament on Facebook, go and check out Angry Birds Friends. You can also find more information about the future of Angry Birds Star Wars on Facebook in this FAQ. For friends of Star Wars there’s the amazing blockbuster sequel Angry Birds Star Wars 2, and of course your first Angry Birds Star Wars game won’t vanish from your mobile - so you can keep chasing those last elusive stars as long as you like!

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