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What is Angry Birds Go!? Check out this video!


After we announced Angry Birds Go! earlier this summer and published the game website at, the speculation started. Right away many of you asked, what kind of game is it? Is it an endless runner or some kind of a racing game? There was a lot of discussion about this online among fans and media and we couldn’t resist setting up a little poll. Amazingly, the results were evenly split between a runner and a racer, but the kart racer option took a very slim lead with 50.1% of the 11,000+ responses.

So, which one is it? We had a hard time deciding it ourselves, so the obvious solution was to do some field tests, using our game developers as crash test birds. What was the result? See this video and check it out yourself!

Once again thanks to Red Bull for joining us in our Angry Birds Go reveal on and stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for upcoming news about Angry Birds Go!

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