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Angry Birds: Hatching a Universe out now – a must read for any fan!



Here’s your chance to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Angry Birds – the beloved international brand that started life as a casual game and has since become a true pop culture phenomenon! This stunning coffee table book takes you behind the slingshot and gives you the untold story of how it all happened, from the earliest conceptual sketches revealed for the first time to a sneak peek of what the future holds. Every step of this remarkable journey is beautifully illustrated, making it a must read for any Angry Birds fan!

As you delve deeper into the wonderful world of Angry Birds, you’ll also get an exclusive insider’s view from some of the people behind the scenes. It gives you a sense of how the creative process works as Angry Birds expands further into the areas of licensing, publishing and entertainment. And on top of all this, we’ve included some extra surprises like exclusive posters and postcards you won’t find anywhere else! So what are you waiting for? It’s the ultimate Angry Birds book and you need to get hold of it right now!

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