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Rovio Stockholm’s first release – a magical Angry Birds Seasons update!


Rovio Stockholm brings the magic of portals to Angry Birds Seasons with an all-new update for iOS and Android.

Today Angry Birds Seasons gets a magical new update on iOS and Android, with PC and OSX versions to follow in the coming weeks! This latest update – based on the theme of magic – marks the first release from our new studio in Stockholm. Read this Pocket Gamer article for their take on the game and to get the insider’s view from our Creative Director, Patrick Liu.

Abra-Ca-Bacon is a free Angry Birds Seasons update that’s full of surprises. We’re extremely dedicated to giving our fans more of what they love, which is why we keep adding fun new levels to our games with features you might not expect.

This update has 30 extraordinary new levels set in a magical circus world – with six more bonus levels to unlock. But check this out. We’ve also introduced Magic Portals, which is a totally new and exciting gameplay element that lets you teleport birds, pigs and just about anything else from one portal to another!

To celebrate this first release from our Stockholm studio, we teamed up with Simon Pierro – the iPad Magician – and he made a special Abra-Ca-Bacon magic video for us!

Peter Vesterbacka, our Mighty Eagle said: "We’re very very serious at Rovio when we say we want to surprise and delight our fans. We really mean what we say! Simon's incredible iPad magic is perfect for our Angry Birds Season Abra-Ca-Bacon update, which is why Simon has now become the Official Angry Birds Magician!  We expect incredible and magical things from this fresh partnership."

Earlier we also released our very first Vine video to help explain how the new Magic Portals work.

Vine video:

Enjoy the videos and don’t forget to update your Angry Birds Seasons app with Abra-Ca-Bacon!

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