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Angry Birds Star Wars makes the jump to hyperspace!


Angry Birds Star Wars made the jump to hyperspace yesterday with a phenomenal launch. Within 2.5 hours of launch, the app soared to #1 in the US iOS App Store, blasting away all of our previous records. 

Plus, we've gotten an incredible response from fans and the media alike! We've been overwhelmed by all the great coverage, but here are a few of our favorites:

"Angry Birds Star Wars is the best Angry Birds game yet, and the best Star Wars spin-off in a long time. It's going to be big, and deservedly so." - The Guardian  

"Gamers will come for the Star Wars references, but they’ll stay for the huge variety of perfectly-tuned stages. Bring on more Angry Birds collaborations!" - IGN

"Rovio's latest flies to the tender core of such cynicism and blasts it to stardust, with a payload of creativity, playfulness and reverence for the beloved sci-fi classic." - Polygon

"It's more imaginative than its predecessors, it's packed with content, and it is - by far - the best version of Angry Birds yet." - Pocket Gamer

"For now, we can't get enough of this charming title. Hardcore Angry Birds and Star Wars fans alike will find a lot to love, and won't have to physically visit a mall far, far away to own it. Impressive. Most impressive." - Modojo  

"Easily the best game Rovio has ever made...Not only is the gameplay here wildly creative, but it's incredibly fun and funny." - International Business Times 

Thank you to all of our wonderful fans for making this biggest and best launch yet!

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