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Angry Birds on Facebook now has Share & Play!


Angry Birds Share & Play is the most interactive way of sharing Angry Birds with your friends.  Not only can you share and embed a level directly onto a Facebook timeline, blog, or webpage, you can also play it there instantly - no questions, no installs, no hassle!


We're happy to be one of the first developers to bring gameplay directly to your Facebook feed, Tumblr, Wordpress, or wherever else you might want to share and play with your friends! 

Here’s how to use Share & Play:

1) Play Angry Birds on Facebook and get an amazing score – like three stars or a crown – that you want to share with your friends.
2) Click “share” to post the level on your or your friend’s timeline, or click "embed" to generate HTML code and a link that you can use on your blog or website. Your friends will see your amazing score as the one to beat!
3) Play the level instantly on the timeline, blog, or webpage! No app installs, just straight to the bird-flinging action!

And that’s it! If you want to save your game or use power ups, then just click through for the full game. Happy pig-popping!

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