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  • Get angry -- fight extinction!


    With bird species going extinct at an alarming rate, it's time to get angry! Angry Birds has teamed up with Birdlife International to educate fans about endangered birds and what we can do to save them.

  • Listen to the Angry Birds holiday song!


    The first-ever Angry Birds holiday song is now available on YouTube! This swinging song is sung by Osmo Ikonen and features behind-the-scenes footage from the Angry Birds holiday animation.

  • Watch the thrilling conclusion of the Angry Birds holiday animation!


    The exciting "Wreck the Halls" animation is finally available! The pigs have taken off with the presents -- can Red Bird and Bomb Bird save the day? Watch and find out!

  • Angry Birds holiday special premieres on Nickelodeon tomorrow!


    Angry Birds Seasons: Wreck the Halls animation will premiere on Nickelodeon on Saturday December 17! The brand new episode can be viewed in the US, UK, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. Check when you should tune in, and to see what mischief the pigs get up to!

  • Angry Birds Rio takes home the gold


    Angry Birds Rio is the “Best Mobile Game” of 2011 according to the Mobile Excellence awards.

  • Meet the man behind the Angry Birds theme


    Who recorded the Angry Birds pig noises? Where did the theme song come from? Meet Ari Pulkkinen, the man behind Angry Birds' iconic soundscape.

  • Happy Birdday!


    Angry Birds turns two on Sunday, December 11, and we have some great surprises in store for our fans! Check out the "Happy Birdday" update for Angry Birds and great events at Barnes & Noble and Toys 'R' Us! Plus, have you seen our latest video?

  • Angry Birds cookbook, activities, and great deals at "Birds & Noble"


    Bad Piggies' Egg Recipes is getting rave reviews, and it's available now at Barnes and Noble. On December 11th, it's time for Birdday Party activities and games at your local "Birds & Noble" event!

  • Trouble shooting pigs?


    Having trouble with the latest Angry Birds Seasons update? Connect to a network to download the daily Angry Birds Seasons levels. We're working on a fix for iPad instability issues!

  • New Angry Birds levels and holiday treats!


    Well, it’s official – the holidays are here! And with 500 million downloads and 10 million Facebook fans, we have a lot to be thankful for this year. So we’re delighted to give our fans some special holiday presents – new episodes for mobile and Chrome!

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