Senior Server Developer, Rovio Media

We are looking for a seriously talented server developer for our awesome team in Espoo, Finland, to work on high quality and very visible products in Rovio’s new Media unit.


Rovio Media is a place for both creative and technically oriented people combining talents from wide variety of people, from composers and animation artists to backend and client developers making the media we create visible to our fans. We are looking for you to join our Channels R&D team in this unit, which provides digital distribution channels for our content from end to end. 


Currently we have two channels. ToonsTV you might have heard of: We launched our Angry Birds animation series in March 2013 and broke a BILLION VIEWS only some six months later! Afterwards we’ve been developing our content management systems to handle 3rd party content to add our catalog and included of course more seasons of Rovio’s delightful content like Piggy Tales, Stella and of course Angry Birds Season 2. Oh, and we passed the 4 BILLION mark already!


Ruffle is our latest baby - or channel if you please - that is all about gaming. Ruffle features content from the best gamers out there as well as some exclusive behind the scenes material. Our goal is to make Ruffle THE destination for millennials who enjoy mobile gaming. Excited? We are, too!


On the server side we have a highly scalable, modern technology stack supporting our channels backend, which takes care of numerous things such as filtering, scheduling and generally serving millions of requests per day with high availability and robust design. The Channels backend is the backbone of our clients to guarantee them with low latency and fast end-to-end experience. Your job is to help us develop the service even better in every respect by not only implementing new features or fixing defects, but to participate actively on the architecture design, component choices and overall planning on how things work smoothly and in good co-operation towards the REST of our cloud based infrastructure. If you get the pun and know who JSON is, then you already know some of the technologies we use and embrace. And if you prefer your Java beans in an espresso machine instead of an enterprise container and you’re afraid of being driven over by a service bus, we think you might enjoy your stay with us and feel safe.


What you’ll take under your wings


  • Work on the very latest and greatest features on our backend and CMS services
  • Develop REST APIs and features alongside with Rovio Cloud Services unit
  • Contribute to the full lifecycle of software development: from design to implementation, testing to deployment and maintenance.
  • Co-operate between our cloud services and DevOps to see that integrations go smoothly
  • Have the freedom of doing things end-to-end when applicable
  • Want to do daily deployments if you feel like it? We do, too.


Ideally you have these feathers in your cap


  • A solid background in Software Engineering, preferably enough years and feathers in your cap to call yourself a senior - or chief if you prefer.
  • Proven track record of production-grade web/server software development: tell us what you’ve been working on and what got you excited?
  • Hopefully a few years of background with the corner stones of languages such as: Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby and perhaps even some Scala - and in general you’re not afraid of any of them, on the contrary you feel that you’re lucky to have such many friends!
  • But seriously, excellent understanding and good relations towards Java will be your primary tool for success. And you’re not afraid of code: yours nor someone else’s. And worry not, we help each other out!
  • You know how test frameworks and know how to be in good terms with Continuous Integration. You do know that git has a blame functionality? Just kidding.
  • Full-stack understanding of cross-platform software architectures and components used in the puzzle
  • Passion to work in all parts of the software development lifecycle. We like passion.
  • We hope you feel comfortable on working with agile software development methods, be it Scrum, Kanban or what we decide to call it next.
  • Fluent spoken and written English


It’d be cool if you had some of these skills


  • Did we mention you’re not afraid of the code? Okay, just a reminder then.
  • You are interested in Big Data. Well who isn’t, but perhaps you’ve gone an extra step and gone on a date with Hive or perhaps written some R? Cool!
  • Have ideas on your own? Better alternatives on how to do things? We have our ears open.


What you get when you join our nest


  • We offer an open, friendly, ambitious but relaxing working culture
  • International environment: you’ll hear a number of languages in our workplace and can join the variety of activities that our people come up with together.
  • Opportunity to work with top talent in the gaming industry! Duh.
  • Competitive benefits such as cellphone of your choosing, a laptop that you feel comfortable with, lunch and sports vouchers, a free office gym, and a nice view :)
  • Oh, and we’ve got good coffee, too. And fresh fruits. And free soda (even Dr. Pepper and Battery can be found).


We will hire as soon as a suitable candidate has been found, so if you feel you are a perfect match for the role, slingshot your application already today by filling the online application form. If you are applying from abroad, we offer you extensive relocation support.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Applying starts: 27.02.2015
Applying ends: 31.03.2015

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