“I’m really excited about working on a huge variety of mobile platforms; in a way I’d like to think that here we are in the bleeding edge of mobile game development. ”

Kari, Junior Platform Specialist

Senior Game Designer

We are looking for a Senior Game Designer to join our internal game development studio in Espoo, Finland. You will be part of a senior team of top Rovio talent, working on some of the most exciting intellectual properties on the planet, and help break new ground in mobile free-to-play games. Our division is focused on casual social games with an emphasis on creating both new and pre-existing IPs in the puzzle and build/sim genres.

You’ll be taking charge of this stuff right here…

  • Working closely with your entire team to create and execute strong F2P games, focusing on excellent user experience, strong social engagement, and F2P monetization.
  • Quickly concepting and prototyping new concepts and features from high-level ideas to detailed game mechanics.
  • Alongside your game economy manager and product lead, you will be responsible for updating, balancing, and optimizing live games based on key metrics and performance indicators.
  • Providing the development team with overall designs and visions, followed by detailed design documentation and communication of the features for agile implementation.
  • You’ll need to love playing all kinds of games, which must translate into an ability to benchmark your competition in order to identify best practices and design mechanisms, then use these findings to iterate constructively on your own game designs.
  • Participating in peer reviews to give design feedback on our other games, either internally developed or created with external partners.
  • Supporting and guiding game designers within the studio.

Having these feathers in your cap would be awesome

  • Minimum 5 years of commercial experience in game design, with a proven track record of mobile F2P design from early prototyping through live title operation.
  • Strong understanding of F2P business models and the game industry trends around them, a passion for developing innovative F2P.
  • Excellent understanding of game design techniques and theory, as well as clear views on social mobile gaming opportunities.
  • Metrics and data-driven decision-making experience.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills in English – you know how to pitch your game and love telling people about it!
  • Passion to create the world’s best casual social games.

We are looking for someone who is able to inspire others, enjoys spreading their knowledge, and fosters knowledge creation.

 What do you get when you join our nest?

  • Fantastic opportunity to develop awesome games with experienced and talented colleagues.
  • Chance to get your game played by hundreds of millions of people around the world.
  • Open, friendly, ambitious, and truly international culture.
  • If you are applying from abroad, we offer extensive relocation support.
  • Competitive benefits (cellphone, laptop, lunch, sports & culture credits, free gym, and more!)
  • …and all the fruits you can eat! 

Slingshot your application over now!

We will extend an offer as soon as a suitable candidate is found, so if you feel you are a perfect match for the role, slingshot your application our way by filling in the online form. Please attach a cover letter along with your CV and portfolio, and include the earliest date you can start.

 We look forward to hearing from you!


Applying starts: 23.11.2015
Applying ends: 13.12.2015

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