Assel, Data Analyst

HometownPresnovka, North Kazakhstan
EducationM.Sc in Computer Science

1. Why did you apply for a job at Rovio?

I was looking around for open positions and ended up on Rovio's webpage. I knew one employee and had heard great things about the company, so I decided to apply for a position in the business intelligence team. My interview was one day before my wedding! 

2. Why do you like working at Rovio ?

For me Rovio's story is really inspiring. Rovio had done 51 games before Angry Birds, and for me that shows just how passionate the company is about what they are doing. Also, working for a company growing as fast as Rovio is very motivating, as we come across new challenges every day. 

3. What have been your best experiences at Rovio this far?

When I started  working for the company in October 2011, our team was two people. During my time at Rovio our team has grown a lot as has the rest of the company, but the atmosphere hasn't changed at all! It's still as relaxed and cosy as it was back when I joined the company.

We also have many hobby groups, such as a movie club and a boardgaming club. I used to play batten accordion as a kid, so joining the Rovio House Band was an obvious choice for me. We are already over 30 people in the band and will hopefully start training soon!

4. What has been the most amazing day you have had at Rovio?

Every day is unique in this company! The day I remember the best is of course my first day in the company. Usually things go quite slow during the first day, you learn about the company, get introduced to people you are going to work with and just familiarize yourself with your new workplace. At Rovio, I went straight to work after a short introduction! What still surprises me at Rovio is how helpful and relaxed everybody is, even though our schedule can be quite tight. 

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