Nick, Content Strategist

HometownHelsinki, Finland
EducationBA, Arts Management

1. Why did you decide to work for Rovio?

I had previously worked on a feature film project with Kombo, the animation studio acquired by Rovio in May 2011. When these great guys, whom I had gotten to know well over the past year, asked me if I wanted to join them at Rovio, I told them straight that I didn't know a more interesting job this side of the Atlantic!

2. Why do you like working at Rovio?

The 'can do' attitude, interesting challenges and the best colleagues possible make for a nice place to work, don't they?

3. What are your main responsibilities and duties?

I'm in charge of delivering Rovio's animated content on time, on budget and with high quality. We make everything from presentation videos to advertisements to clips on our Youtube channel that have garnered millions of views.

4. What are the most challenging and interesting projects you've worked on at Rovio?

I've only been here for a short while, but the most interesting thing has been the interaction with so many different departments, juggling their needs and trying to exceed their expectations.

5. What has been the most amazing experience or day you have had at Rovio?

When I had been here only a week and was on a conference call with David Maisel, former Marvel chairman and executive producer of Thor and Iron Man 2…and I realised that he's now a colleague.

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