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Mikael Hed

Mikael HED

Chief Executive Officer

Mikael Hed is the CEO of Rovio. He has transformed Rovio from a game studio to an entertainment house engaging fans through games, animation, books and multiple products in playful and innovative ways.

Niklas Hed

Niklas Hed


Niklas Hed is the Co-Founder of Rovio. He steers Rovio’s creative direction in games and ensures Rovio’s products are always at the forefront of innovation.

Teemu Suila


Chief Operations Officer

Teemu Suila is the COO. He steers Rovio’s strategic and corporate development in it’s position as a major player in the entertainment industry and ensures the company's activities are delivered efficiently whilst retaining its entrepreneurial and artistic spirit.

Herkko Soininen


Chief Financial Officer

Herkko Soininen is the CFO. He oversees Rovio's financial processes with eagle eye precision to guarantee accuracy and transparency.

Kati Levoranta


Chief Legal Officer

Kati Levoranta is the CLO. She guides the company’s legal affairs and makes it her priority to protect Rovio’s legal entity to the fullest.

Peter Vesterbacka

Peter Vesterbacka

Mighty Eagle

Peter is the Mighty Eagle and Rovio's grandest brand ambassador. His energy is directed at taking Angry Birds to new and unexpected heights. Innovation is close to Peter’s heart as he works with Rovio’s world-class partners and acts as an evangelist for all of Rovio’s brands and products.



Executive Vice President, Brand Office

Blanca drives Rovio’s brand strategy, ensuring that Angry Birds continues its trajectory as an evergreen loved brand and is joined by exciting siblings under the Rovio umbrella. In addition to brand strategy, Blanca’s role entails overseeing Rovio’s market research, marketing, and communication activities.

Jami Laes

Jami Laes

Executive Vice President, Games

Jami Laes is the EVP of Rovio's global games operations. Armed with his extensive and international experience in the games field, Jami strives to bring gamers all around the world the kind of highly-polished, quality titles that fans have come to expect from Rovio.

__thumb_-2-Naz Cuevas thumb.png

Naz cuevas

Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Products Licensing

Naz Cuevas is SVP, Global Consumer Products Licensing. Naz focuses on expanding the Angry Birds franchise, establishing and developing key licensing and retail partnerships globally as well as leading the Consumer Products and Licensing team that helps bring Angry Birds to the fan's real life realm.



Animation Production Executive

Steve puts story at the heart of everything we do. The animation studio brings depth of character and amazing visuals to games and delivers animations that capture the imaginations of our fans.

Rachel Webber thumb.png

rachel webber

Vice President, Video

Rachel Webber is VP, Video. She oversees the company’s video distribution businesses, including Rovio's owned-and-operated video distribution platform and the sales of Rovio's original animated series to broadcast TV networks and digital platforms worldwide.

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