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“From a creative point of view, Rovio gives me the best opportunity to create something new and unique for the whole world! ”

Joakim, Senior Artist

About us

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Rovio Entertainment, founded in 2003, is an industry-changing entertainment media company and creator of the globally successful Angry Birds franchise. Angry Birds, a casual puzzle game, became an international phenomenon within a few months of its release and is now the number one downloaded app of all time. Rovio has launched numerous chart-topping games for different platforms: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Friends, Amazing Alex, Bad Piggies,  Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Star Wars  II and Angry Birds GO!

Following this success in mobile gaming, Angry Birds has expanded rapidly in entertainment, publishing, and licensing to become a beloved international brand. Rovio has grown alongside Angry Birds, and the multifaceted entertainment house currently employs about 800 professionals across it's offices around the world:

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Rovio’s reach extends far beyond Finnish borders, with current employees representing more than 40 nationalities. 

Rovio has created a world-class entertainment industry in Finland and turned it into a significant local employer. With an open organizational culture that welcomes new ideas and suggestions for improvements at all levels, Rovio is constantly looking to innovate and grow along with its employees.

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