Sophie Vo, Executive Producer


As a Product Lead, my personal mission is to make perfect-tailored games for our players that really add value to their life.


In my professional journey, I have worked in Paris, Berlin, and in Helsinki since 2016, where I joined Rovio as an Executive Producer. I have developed or shipped more than 20 games across Facebook, console and mobile, and led live operations on titles such as Diamond Dash, Jelly Splash and Angry Birds POP! In 2015, I funded a fashion startup in Berlin, to experiment with something outside of games. It was fun, challenging, and I learned a lot from it!

My personal mission is to make perfectly-tailored games for our players that really add value to their life. Ownership and growth are important in my work and I feel Rovio has been a great environment for that. I am currently working on a new game with a small independent team. We operate fast and lean – like a startup but with the support of a big organisation, which is a rare balance to find in most gaming companies.

In my free time, I like to take the opportunity to explore the world and discover new things, whether it’s traveling, new cuisines, different cultures and people, or just outdoor activities.

As a nature lover, I’ve been enjoying Finland a lot. I live on a small island between Rovio office and Helsinki (Lauttasaari), five minutes from the sea and a forest. I like to take long walks on the weekends or mornings just to relax and clear my head. I also made very good friends from the expat and gaming communities that are very active here.