Simon Rozner, Senior Game Designer


Simon Rozner started working in the games industry when he was in high school, and since then he’s been working in the UK, Japan, Singapore and Switzerland. Rovio is the reason Simon has now moved to Finland.

Simon Rozner, Senior Game Designer

Simon is in a very creative business, but as an experienced games designer he stresses the importance of routine. “My typical day starts with recapping the previous day’s work and planning out the day. That involves checking planned tasks and reviewing the work from the team.”

Team meetings are an important part of the day. They often last only five minutes, but during the meeting the whole team brings up any issues and does a team recap. Simon helps the team focus on key tasks for the day.

After the meetings are over, Simon can concentrate on actual design, play the current version of the game, fix errors and coordinate with the product lead on the direction of the project. Once a day, the team will have a play session of the game. This is most important -- to make sure the game is still fun!

The most exciting moments, Simon feels, are when a new project starts. The temptation to rush during the concept phase is high, but one has to keep calm and stick to the plan.

When asked for the worst and the best parts of his job, Simon doesn’t hesitate. “By far the worst is if the team doesn't get along and there is a bad vibe. Nothing kills everything faster than bad team mojo. The best, when the team pulls in the same direction and we are one lean mean dev machine!”