Matteo Spiri, Junior Product Manager


At Rovio I have the opportunity to give life to our games, creating experiences that players can return to time and time again!


Plato believed “You Can Discover More About a Person in an Hour of Play than in a Year of Conversation”; is interesting how true that is. People really like to have fun, they want to be surprised, and they want to have an active part in all of that.

I love playing all kind of games, and the deeper the system, the more I like it. My major studies in university were economics, the passion for this medium though, brought me at that time to also take part in academic courses about game design. Through these courses, I realized I wanted to work in the gaming industry and have an active role in designing games.

I joined Rovio in the beginning of 2017 as a product management trainee. I had an unclear idea of what that really meant, but a true belief that it would be amazing! It was amazing, and at the end of the year I was offered an opportunity to continue as a Junior Project Manager. I learned so much during that first period thanks to my incredible team. It’s also thanks to them that I was able to grow and improve that fast in project management.

For me, working in the free to play mobile games business is like deciding what kind of soul you want to give to your game. The market needs to recognise something unique in it, something they are able to find only in your game, a real reason to come back; something that when you look deeper and deeper at it, you discover all of its perfections and imperfections. What I do every day is to try to turn those imperfections into opportunities for improvement, think of their business impacts when prioritising them, and make sure each updates always delivers a better version of the game.

Rovio’s Culture is remarkably good, I relate myself quite fast with almost everyone in the company. The level of trust and freedom positively surprised me. After some time I recognised it as the main reason of how well I was able to operate and focus on my work every day. I would never change it. I am happy to work in the entertainment, I see a lot of value in delivering quality entertainment. The value in working on something that everyday is touched by millions of players and is designed to provide the best experience YOU want for them, is huge!