Jan Lidtke, Art Director


Making games is awesome, but the good vibes in the office and beautiful Finnish scenery are the icing on the cake when it comes to working at Rovio.


I studied illustration and communications design, and got into games in Hamburg back in 2010. As it turns out, making games is awesome. Now I am surrounded by all the things I love – character art, animation, typography and pop culture.

Joining Rovio was an opportunity to get in touch with a ton of great artists and developers. And then there are the birds… I have to admit it was pretty intimidating to work with such a strong and well known IP in the beginning. During the first months I felt like a sponge just absorbing the brand and products. But I got a lot of encouragement to stay adventurous and explorative in this regard. I like the idea that we don’t take ourselves too seriously – quite the opposite: the Angry Birds and the Piggies are mischievous, weird and adorable. I like to think of myself being a bit like that.

What I do day to day ranges from finding references, creating mood boards and concept art to giving feedback and connecting people and things. I enjoy helping other artists with their professional development as much as I enjoy learning from them. We have regular studio artist meetings in which we share our latest work, games, and random art that is stuck in our heads. We also have an art directors’ roundtable where we discuss the status of each project and talk about the market, vision, and how poor the latest superhero movie was.

Team spirit and good vibes are essential to me. It is not about being best friends with everyone, but I strongly believe that the mood in the team and office will always be reflected in the product. We spend more time with each other than with our friends and families after all. How about having a wee bit of fun?

Working in Espoo is made even better by the the dazzling environment. On my way to work I pass the baltic sea by bike. Kicking off the day like that is just priceless.