Annica Strand, Producer


Little is known that Rovio has small but important game studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

Annica Strand, Producer

Studio in Stockholm developed Angry Birds 2. When Annica Strand saw that Rovio was opening a new studio in Sweden she applied immediately. Annica was more than excited to be able to form studio culture from the start.

For Annica, Rovio seemed like a very fun place to be. Many cool collaborations had been happening with NASA and Star Wars (Lucas Arts) and that made anything possible with the Angry Birds brand. 

Annica has worked at Rovio for over three years and a lot has happened. Right now she feels very positive about a new level of transparency from the leadership and also the effort being put into actively working on the culture of Rovio.

Annica Strand, Producer

As a producer Annica thinks that the best thing is variation in the work. Every day is different and new challenges are lurking behind the next corner. Producer’s work has a lot to do with planning and communicating. Producer makes sure all stakeholders know what is going on with the project and all other parties are aware what the team is trying to achieve. 

Game development is a constant iterative process. Goals and plans change all the time. “It’s working in controlled chaos, it never gets boring, haha!”, laughs Annica yet with some seriousness in her voice. 

The best part of Annica’s job is to play Rovio’s games or games overall. “It’s a great feeling when you start the game just to check something, verify a bug for example, and then you find yourself still playing the game ten minutes later, the bug all but forgotten”, Annica explains. That’s the sign of a fun game.